Kate is a psychologist with over twenty years experience practising psychology predominantly in school settings, but also in private practice. Kate uses a collaborative approach to assist clients to develop skills to successfully manage a variety of issues including anxiety, stress and  depression.  These strategies are drawn from a number of therapies/frameworks.

As every person and situation is unique, Kate draws on her knowledge, experience and skills, and modifies this in consultation with the needs and goals of each individual. Kate’s utilises a client centred approach which incorporates Mindfulness Integrated Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (MiCBT). Her aim is to work collaboratively with clients to help each person achieve their personal goals and to support them on their journey.

Kate has extensive training and experience in conducting cognitive and behavioural assessments of children and adolescents for both diagnostic and support purposes (e.g. recommendations to enhance learning). Kate also works with parents, where required, to build capacity and increase understanding to optimise outcomes for the young person.

Some of Kate’s services are covered under the Medicare scheme. You could speak to your GP to see if you or your child qualify for a Mental Health Care Plan. Kate provides services under the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

School Services

Kate has over twenty years experience practising psychology, predominantly in school settings. Kate currently serves on a school board and she is passionate about providing holistic and integrated allied health services to schools, at a discounted daily rate.

Kate and the team can provide Psychology, Speech Pathology and Occupational Therapy services. The school support services provided include one to one, as well as small group therapy and classroom support.

Kate and the team value a collaborative approach and consider contributing to Well-being meetings and SSG’s just as important as offering individual, teacher and family support, in order to optimise outcomes for young people.

A focus on working systemically also includes building teacher capacity and working within the Response to Intervention framework to ensure a student’s progress is monitored and reviewed to enable the student to reach their social, emotional and academic potential.